Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Daddy

I love my Daddy. He is a hard worker and plays with us. Sometimes I get to to go work with him. Tonight he is working on the rabbit hutch for my new bunnies. I think he should get an award for the best Daddy in the whole world!


  1. Hi Annalie, you do have a good daddy. I can't wait to see more pictures of your new bunnies.
    Lots of love from Portland,
    Auntie Deb.

    1. Thank you for writing on my blog Auntie! The bunnies are so little. Daddy put another door on the hutch last night. I wish I could see you more often and I can't wait to show you more pictures of my babies. I think we are going to name them Fleur and Sofie. We thought about Whimsy and Sophie, but it is getting confusing because those two names sound alot alike. I wanted names that are used in Holland. We love you. Love, Annalie

    2. Silly Uncle Bob!! The rabbits are Holland Lops!