Sunday, October 14, 2012

Picking Up My Bunnies

This week we went to Auntie Kathleen's house to pick up our bunnies from Emma. It was great to see our family!


  1. Hi Annalie, Sophie and Fleur,
    I love your blog and the beautiful pictures of you together. Grampa and I are so glad we got to see you last Wednesday when you came to get the bunnies. It looks like they have made themselves right at home and that you've bonded really well--as we knew you would! We love you all! Namma & Grampa

  2. My My, Those are some pretty adorable bunnies!! They look quite happy in their new home. Their little sis sends her love and hopes to visit some day. and a question for Fleur.....How many carrots is to many carrots?

    1. Thank you for writing! Fleur answered your question this week.